Donate to the H100 Latina Giving Circle


The H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation was established in 2019 by the Hispanic 100 Network to further further engage Latina women in philanthropy and to expand resources for local organizations whose mission is to empower, educate and support Latinas and our community. The H100 Latina Giving Circle is a committee of the Hispanic 100, representing a 25 year history delivering and transforming across all industries within the DFW community through its collective strength and experiences to influence change for Latina women and girls.

A gift to the H100 Latina Giving Circle supports programs for Hispanic women and girls in low and moderate income communities.

The H100 Latina Giving Circle is open to all donors who have a desire to join a legacy of philanthropy that creates positive change by investing in the lives of Latina women and girls. 

Text H100LGC to 41444 OR if you prefer to donate via ACH please use this form.

You should see a confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email if your donation has processed correctly. If you see the screen but don't get the email, please check your Spam folder first, then contact If you don't see either the confirmation screen or the email, your transaction did not process. Please try again.